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Marketing Asset Development

At Concentrated Technology, our expertise lies in communicating with a technical audience. For software vendors, we can put that expertise to use in helping you communicate with existing and potential customers. No matter what portion of the IT audience you're trying to reach - administrators, managers, or executives - we speak their language, because we've worked with them for years.

We specialize in making complex technical concepts easier to understand, and in making a connection between business needs and technology solutions. Whether we're offering our own expert opinion and research results, or helping you communicate the value of your products and services, your audience will be better informed and thoroughly engaged.​

Our services are available for developing private and co-branded white papers, webinars, micro-webinars, blog series, and more; we also specialize in helping you develop creative and engaging new ways of communicating with customers and potential customers. Use the Contact form on this site to get in touch with us.

We've worked with IT vendors of all sizes: NetWrix, SanDisk, Microsoft, SAPIEN Technologies, Dell Software, Citrix, Marathon Technologies, Ipswitch, and dozens more. We look forward to working with you!