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Technology Education

We believe IT managers, professionals, and executives need — and deserve — high-quality education. We also know that IT folks tend to have the least amount of available time for education, necessitating concise, hard-hitting classes. Unfortunately, we feel that much of the IT education industry is focused on generic, one-size-fits-all "training." Training, we believe, is for dolphins. Not IT and business professionals.

Using a unique methodology, we have developed a series of classes and courseware products that address today's most significant IT challenges. We have also licensed a small, elite group of instructors who are prepared to deliver our education products, and have also arranged a small number of high-demand, annual opportunities to learn directly from our founders.

Our educational efforts focus on two levels of the IT org chart, with offerings for in-the-trenches technology professionals as well as unnique, business-level technology education for executives, managers, and other corporate leaders.

You'll find our training in a variety of places: Microsoft Official Curriculum (as well as their Courseware Marketplace), Pluralsight, books from Manning, and more. We're published in Microsoft TechNet Magazine and in Redmond Magazine, and are featured presenters at global technology conferences like TechMentor​.